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Ship Chandlling


Faisal M. Higgi & Associates is one of the leading Ship Chandler companies at the Saudi Arabian ports. We operate with qualified and highly skilled crew members working round the clock to serve our valued customers.

Our main mission is to cater to the needs of a vessel by providing superior quality products such as provision, deck and engine stores etc.

Our company is eager to achieve customer satisfaction. To attain this at Faisal M. Higgi company we have premises to store all type of supplies such as frozen items and fresh vegetables. We have reefer vehicles for proper transportation to delivery points, thus product quality will remain intact. In addition to this, we do have large warehouse for storing the dry stores. We have our own transportation fleet. Therefore, we have the capability to meet the requirement with very short time, without affecting any vessels movement / cargo operation times.

Shipping Clients

  • Almak Marine Inc... UK
  • AMPTC, Egypt
  • AP Moller, Denmark
  • Avin International Corp., Greece
  • BP Shipping, UK
  • Ballast Nidam, Holland
  • Chandris Hellas, Greece
  • Chartworld Shipping Co
  • Cobrecaf, France
  • Dorchester Maritime Ltd. UK
  • IC Shipping, Monte Carlo
  • International Marine Services, Greece
  • Lotus Shipping Co, Greece
  • Mardeniz Shipping. UAE
  • Ocean Tankers, Singapore
  • Pacific & Atlantic Corporation, Greece
  • Qatar Shipping. Doha
  • Seabulk Shipping S.A, Greece
  • SeaWorld Management & Tranding Inc., Greece
  • Seaways Shipping Enterprise Ltd. Greece
  • Strongtec System, Ukraine
  • Styga Compania Naviera SA, Greece
  • Treasure Finance LTD., Greece
  • Unicorn Management Services Ltd., Cyprus
  • Wah Kwong Shipping, Hongkong
  • World Tankers Management PTE. LTD., Singapore
  • Worldwide Shipping Agency, Singapore