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Mission and Vision


Faisal M. Higgi & Associates Co., Ltd. specializing in meeting the requirements of international liner services, tanker and dry cargo charterers, operators, owners and managers.


  • Our mission is to be the ideal choice of every client, by furnishing remarkable services.
  • We desire to be the epitome of reliability and customer delight by maintaining our competitive edge, persistently striving to meet and better the required delivery time.


  • Our vision is to expand network and globalize our services.
  • We intend to be the most competitive shipping company, setting high level standards in the industry
  • We aim to set exceptional canons for our services, and strive for flawlessness.


Over the years, Faisal M. Higgi & Associates Co., Ltd have become one of the significant shipping company. The Headquarter being in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, it has developed a diversified presence along Red Sea coast in Jeddah, Rabigh, Duba and Jizan. We have an exceptional mix of expertise and a consistent track record of performance. Our highly experienced teams are able to provide cost-effective level of quality controlled services, meeting our clients' needs and expectations in every aspect. Transformation being the pinnacle of success and secret of achieving leadership in an extensively complex shipping world, the company has come up with promising ideas to bring in a drastic turnover for its employees and customers to identify them with its goals and values.


Professionalism is the motto of our company. We have a squad of professionals drawn from various disciplines with experience in industry, shipping and commerce. We consider them to be the most valued assets as they very well fulfill the following four potentials:

  • Integrity
  • Intelligence
  • Hard Work
  • Timeliness

We have a team for operations that work 24 hours and 7 days a week to provide our clients with immediate, accurate, and detailed responses to customer. Knowing that customers determine whether or not our service meets their expectations, we understand that nothing less than a total Company and individual commitment to render outstanding service can fulfill our obligation to deliver excellence to the customer.

Every new employee undergoes training tailored to their respective functional responsibilities. The notion is to make new recruits cognize the company philosophy and recognize its goals and values. We strive for our companies and employees continuous improvement in delivering immediate, accurate, and detailed responses to customer.

Our Motto is..

"Not Compromise on QUALITY but on the PRICE"