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Food Safety Policy



Food Safety Policy

This policy defines Faisal M. Higgi & Associates Co. Ltd. commitment and requirements to Product safety and quality.
Faisal M. Higgi & Associates Co. Ltd supply service are committed to sustain an efficient environment to deliver quality food products in line with the best ISO 22000:2018/GHP practices and HACCP principles with regards to product safety and statutory /regulatory requirements. To achieve food/product safety objectives and to support the development, implementation, maintenance and ongoing improvement of a safe, food program.

The process of identification, surveillance and management will ensure that our operations achieve or exceed the agreed set standards. The Faisal M. Higgi & Associates Co. Ltd safety and quality commitments are:
✓ Product Safety – Storage and supply safe quality foods Products
✓ Consumer Health – Storage and supply a range of safe products
✓ Customer Satisfaction – consistently satisfy and exceed customer and consumer expectations
✓ Regulatory Compliance and Advocacy – fully comply with relevant regulations and advocate for optimal regulatory environment for trading food products.

These commitments require and are demonstrated through:
✓ Thinking and living quality at every step in our supply chain.
✓ Delivering on our promise to our customers; and
✓ Continuously improving food safety and quality.

Our culture must ensure that everyone takes a proactive approach to food safety and quality.
These commitments require adherence to the Faisal M. Higgi & Associates Co. Ltd Food Safety
System and Quality standards.

✓ This applies to all employees of Faisal M. Higgi & A including stakeholder who are under
the supervision of Faisal M. Higgi & Associates co. Ltd.
✓ Accountability for policy and review rests with the Faisal M. Higgi Management Team.
✓ Faisal M. Higgi Business Units are accountable for implementation of the policy

Evidence of adherence to Faisal M. Higgi & Associates Co. Ltd and Food Safety as demonstrated.
information by food Safety reporting systems, self-assessments and/or audits.