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Ship Captain and Crew


Dear Captain(s),

To abide by the country’s laws and restrictions, we request you to kindly emphasize that your crew does not carry any Video/Audio Tapes/CD’s or computer diskettes that may contain salacious/pornographic materials. The person carrying such items will be subjected to punishments as per Saudi law.

As per the process, the Custom Authorities will confiscate these items from crew while inspection of their luggage during passage at Airport or Seaport’s checkpoints, and will release to the agent after thorough check (1 week). The agent will require the necessary information to mail these items to the repatriated crew member along with mailing charges.

In order to rectify the problem, we attach herewith a form which should be filled by the repatriating crew and pay our boarding clerk (against official receipt) the appropriate mailing charges as shown on form (SS-0230O.F.). This will enable us to follow up the confiscated items when released by Authorities and mail it as soon as possible to its owner.

We request you to kindly keep this form in your files and instruct repatriating crew accordingly, as the Faisal M. Higgi company is not responsible for these items in case of loss.

Please contact the undersigned for any clarifications or queries through email or regular mail.